One Of My Favorite Baby Items!

August 30th, 2010

Do you know what a baby food feeder is?  I had heard of one awhile back before baby #2 was born and I thought it sounded quite funny.  I even thought to myself, I will never get one of those things, ha!!

Evin eating blueberries in his baby food feeder

Well I can now say that this simple little contraption is WONDERFUL especially for a baby who is cutting teeth.  Thanks to my friend Courtney for reminding me about these.  She loved them for her girls so I decided to give them a try myself.  I found mine at Babies R Us in a two pack.

We put frozen grapes in it and frozen blueberries most of the time and he absolutely sucks them dry.  It is such a great way to sooth the gums but also gives him fresh foods at the same time.  I also just put plain ice cubes in there too!  I need to venture out and put some different things in there for him to try.  We have been stuck on the grapes and blueberries because I know he loves them so much.  So, if you have a teething baby or just want to give him some fresh fruit but he is not old enough to chew it up try these out, I highly recommend them.

Have you tried a baby food feeder?  What kinds of food would you or did you put in them?  I need some more ideas for this mommy brain of mine!

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