Booster Seats & Big Boy Haircuts!

October 8th, 2010

Do you love your booster seats?  I absolutely love ours and it has been worth every penny we spent on it.  For a while now Gavin has been getting his haircut like a big boy.  But he hasn’t wanted to sit alone in the BIG chair.  So for almost two years we have asked him to sit in the chair but he ends up just sitting on daddy’s lap to get it done.  It worked but we figured it was worth another try to get him to sit alone.  It would be a better haircut and daddy wouldn’t get as much hair on him.

Gavin being a big boy!

We decided to take our own booster seat for him to sit on.  He likes the booster seat and we thought he might be more comfortable sitting in his own seat.  He was all excited and helped me get the seat ready to go.  We got in there and asked him if he wanted to sit in the chair and his first response was no I want to sit on dad’s lap!  We put the booster seat in the chair and gently put him in the seat and he there he stayed! I was excited to see him sit there so good on his own.  G has a hard time with new places and until he has been there several times and feels comfortable.  The booster chair was a huge help in getting him to sit alone this time.  So if you have a little one that has a hard time at a restaurant or getting a haircut or at grandma’s house take your own booster chair with you.  I am sure the person cutting their hair won’t mind!  It sure made G feel all grown up and he had the biggest smile on his face and he got lots of high fives from mommy and daddy too! 🙂

Our Cooshee booster seat

What kind of booster do we use?  We have a Babysmart Cooshee booster chair.  They come in several colors.  I know there are some that are similar and they have redone this one since we got it also.  It comes with a carry case for it and it doesn’t slide off the chair at all.  It is a little pricey but it has held up really well for about two years now.  We liked it so well and G did too that we got one for grandma’s house after we needed the other booster/highchair for Evin to sit at the table!

Do you have a favorite booster chair that you use that you can share with us?  Do you take your booster with you when you go out places?

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