Diaper Deals

October 3rd, 2010

The best deals right now are going to be online this week if you need diapers!

Amazon.com has their Amazon Mom plan where if you sign up and use subscribe and save you can save up to 30% on diapers and wipes sold by Amazon.  With Amazon Mom you get three months of Free Prime service.  That means that items sold by Amazon.com you get FREE shipping for three months.  Then for every 25.00 that you spend on baby products that qualify you get an additional month of Prime benefits added.  You can find some good deals on Wipes and Diapers, plus with the free shipping feature with Amazon Mom you can get some good deals on Christmas gifts and have them shipped to you for free within two days!!

Also I know that there are some good deals through Diapers.com though I have never used them.  Always good to compare prices, shipping costs and price per diaper to make sure you are getting the best deal. One site may have for example Pampers cheaper than the other site but Huggies may be more expensive.  I know it can be a little bit of work to figure it all out but getting the best deal for your money is worth it!

There are some great deals on diapers at RiteAid this week if you live near one of those.  Unfortunately we don’t have any near me here in FL.  Walgreens and CVS are not having any thing great this week.

Anyone find any deals this week that I haven’t heard about?  I have a pretty good stash of diapers right now so unless I find a really good deal I can wait awhile.

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