Hand & Footprints on Pillowcases! – Great Christmas Gift

November 3rd, 2010

If you have been following me for very long you know I love to do things with hand and footprints.  It is unique and it is easy and inexpensive.  One of my other projects for Father’s day and Mother’s day was pillowcases!  The grandparents loved them and we also surprised daddy with one too.  I got this idea from one of our reader’s Courtney who made one for her husband while he was in Iraq.  She had her two daughters put hand and footprints on one so he could remember them as he slept.  I loved it so much that I stole her idea.

Here is how I did it!

Supplies – Pillowcases, paint, newspaper or paper.

I found some inexpensive pillowcases at Walmart and they had several colors to choose from.

Lay the pillowcase flat and make sure you put some newspaper or paper on the inside of it.  I made the mistake of not doing this and the colors bled through the top to the other side.  So put newspaper or paper in the middle of it.

Decide what you want to do and then lay it flat to dry especially if you use the puff paint to write on it with that needs to dry for several hours.  We chose to do lots of handprints on the one side and then one set of footprints on the other side. We wrote love you grandma & love you grandpa on them with the date and the boys names above the footprints.

I have found it is easier and makes a better print if you paint the hands and feet instead of dipping them into the paint.  It doesn’t get too thick and the paint is more even when you put it on the pillowcase.  I admit it is NOT easy to do a small baby they wiggle and move a lot.  You can see I have a lot more big prints then smaller ones and feet are easier I think to do for a small child then a hand they don’t want to open.  You may want to practice a couple of times quick.

Here are a few pictures to see what we did.  They are very washable and very practical too.  Remember your color choices are endless, these are just the colors we used but you can personalize it anyway you want!  Have fun!!

Grandma's pillowcases for Mother's Day

Handprint side

Finished word side & footprints

Grandpa's pillowcases footprint side

Handprint side for grandpa's

Pillowcase for daddy

Have you done a pillowcase before?  Who did you make it for?  If you are going to do one who are you going to make it for and will it be for Christmas or Mother’s Day or Father’s Day!

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