Dresser & TV Safety

April 21st, 2011

Since I am giving away an ID bracelet HERE this week I thought I would talk about a couple of other safety issues that I have faced.  Have you anchored the dressers in your kids rooms to the wall?  Do you have a tall bookcase or shelf they like to climb?  A tv on top of a dresser?  I never thought it could happen to me but it did.  We were in the start of nap time and I had just checked on the boys.  Both were in bed and all seemed fine.  It wasn’t even 30 seconds later and I heard a loud crash from the bedroom.  I had no idea what I was going to find when I turned the corner.  I found two scared little boys and a dresser tipped over and everything all over the floor!  I was upset/mad/scared!! I had so many emotions going all at once.  I was thankful the the only person that was hurt was me picking up a piece of broken ceramic and I cut my finger.  By the time the ordeal was done I was in tears and so were my boys.

The fallen dresser in the boys room

Read this story HERE on what happened to a little three year old, this story will break your heart and it could be you next if you don’t do something about it now!!  PLEASE take every step you need to take to anchor down the dresser to the wall and move the tv to a safe place or make it so it won’t fall off.  I don’t want to see a story about your child being killed next!   I am thankful that my stories ending wasn’t this bad and ended with a funeral.  I can’t imagine planning a funeral for one of my boys!

We anchored down the dresser in the room and it won’t move now!  Just takes a few minutes and I feel so much better that is is done and I know that IF they climb on it again it won’t tip over on them.

Have you anchored down your tv’s and dressers?  If not you really should consider doing this and soon!

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