Replacement Parts for Baby Items

April 26th, 2011

Did you know that a lot of baby items you can buy replacement parts for damaged or missing pieces?  All it takes it a little bit of research and  most things you can find online to order.  Here is an example for you.  Remember the dumpster find that I found at my apartment complex?  I found a nice little Tikes slide but the slide was missing.  After pulling up the Little Tikes website I clicked on replacement parts and was able to look through the items and find our slide for under $10.00.  That cost of the missing piece was a lot less than it would be to buy a new slide completely and with a little clean up it was like new!

Another item that interested me lately was my Fisher Price space saver high chair.  I noticed that the straps were really dirty and I had already cleaned them up pretty good and was looking to get a tray for one for my friend who had bought one but it didn’t have the tray with it.  Again after searching a little bit on the Fisher Price website you can buy replacement parts for the majority of the items.  Straps, buckles, seat covers, trays all for a lot less than it would be to replace the item.  

Another item that can be replaced is the sippy cup vents/inserts that go on the inside to keep them from spilling.  You can order these online or find them at Babies R us or depending on what brand Target as well.  I know I replaced a few of these because they got old and were breaking but the rest of the cup was fine.

So if you are missing a piece to a toy or a swing or high chair, check online before dumping it out as trash.  Your trash is another persons treasure and with a few dollars becomes brand new again.

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