Crib Safety – Don’t Sell a Drop-side Crib

June 30th, 2011

As of yesterday you are no longer able to sell drop-side cribs.  There have been so many accidents using the cribs there is now a federal standard in place that no one is allowed to sell them.  If you have one please be careful and maybe consider getting one that meets new safety standards.

Here is the article I found about the selling of the drop-side crib click HERE.

Here are a couple other quick safety issues to remember with baby cribs.

1. Make sure you have NO blankets or stuffed animals in the crib with your baby.  They can be smothered easily with these items when they are young and suffocate.

2. Bumper pads look great but are a great risk when used.  Non-breathable baby bumpers can also cause a suffocation risk.  I have read a couple stories where a mom went in and found their baby dead.  The child had moved and pressed their face against the side and since it wasn’t breathable material the baby suffocated because they couldn’t move from the side.  Here is just one article on it from ABC news HERE.

3. If you do choose to use bumpers make sure you remove them once the baby can push up.  They can get themselves caught on them or try to stand on them causing yet again another danger.

If you want to use bumper pads consider breathable ones this is an option to consider.  Or these that wrap around each rail in the crib, they are more expensive but can be used a lot longer than the others too since they go all the way up the side of the rail. These are called wonder bumpers!

Here is a breathable bumper

and here is a wonder bumper

Remember that having a baby is not all about having the prettiest or cutest things to make yourself look good, you need to always remember your child’s safety first.  If that means just having a plain crib with a sheet on it then that is what we should do.  I can’t imagine losing one of my babies due to a crib accident that could be prevented.  Be safe mommies!!




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