Potty Training Tools

October 12th, 2011

Here is a list of some websites that can give you some good hints on what to do when potty training.  Remember every child is different so you have to find what works for your child and go with it.  What may work for your best friend or neighbor may not work for you.  It takes work for both child and mommy.  Most of all be patient and gives lots and lots of praise.  Don’t discourage them or put them down when they have an accident just brush it off and move on.  I found not talking about it with my boy (especially #2) he went on his own so much better. HE wanted to be in control of when he went not mommy.  Best of luck mommies and check out these links for helps as you are potty training. At first you don’t succeed wait a week or two and try again! They may not always be ready the first time.  These first two links have a lot of good information and then also the Pull-Ups message board community as a lot of conversations happening that can help too!

Pre-training for potty training – Kay Green from My Precious Kid has some tips

Kay also has some wonderful tips in her potty training 101 HERE

Pull Ups website and a discussion board where mommies share advice, stories and helps for potty training HERE

Pampers Kandoo has a potty training tip page as well HERE

Pull Ups also has an app “Pull-ups iGo Potty”  to help with potty training and reminders such as a timer!  HERE this is a free application.

17 proven Potty Training Tips from Parents Who’ve Been There – HERE

I know there are lots of books and a ton more sites that I could link too so just do a search in google or on Amazon.com and you will get a ton of recommendations for books and the same thing will happen if you search for potty training tips in google search!

Good luck mommies!










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