Bedtime Routine

September 3rd, 2014

What is your bedtime routine for your kids, does it work well or do you need help?  We have the same exact bedtime routine every night for our boys and it just changed slightly as they have gotten bigger over the years. We start getting ready for bed right at 7:00 every night unless it is a church night and then it is later.  They sleep until around 6:30-7:00 so they get about 11 hours of sleep on average.

If we are home before bedtime I set the timer so there is no question as to when it is time for bed.  I tell them “timer is set when it goes off it is bedtime” this stops arguments most nights on not wanting to go to bed. I also tell them that they need to make sure that all their animal friends, blankets or anything else they need for bedtime is in their bed and ready to go.  Once they are in bed they can’t get out unless they are sick or have to go to the bathroom.  Once the timer goes off we do this list of things. On bath nights we start around 6:30 getting baths so we can still get to bed at the same time.  No we don’t do baths every night and some nights it is just too late.  We are home during the day so if we have to we can grab a quick bath during the day.

– baths

– potty

– brush teeth

– jammies on (put dirty clothes in basket)

– read our devotion

– pray

– lights out & mouths off



Since my boys are older and can get themselves dressed they do that part by themselves and I supervise and make sure teeth are brushed properly.

On the nights we come straight home and it is past bedtime we will not read and just go straight to bed.  Once they are in bed I will stay in their room and rub on their arms for a few minutes and then quietly leave the room.  I have been blessed that they have always been able to put themselves to sleep.  I am one of those moms that I allow them to have a cup of water with them.  this saves them getting up and asking and my oldest is big on drinking through the night.  We don’t have accidents so I’m fine with that.


What works well for your bedtime routine?  Are you consistent in doing the same thing every night.  If you are consistent your kids will know what to expect and you will see a difference in their attitude and how well they go to bed.


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