Clean Ceiling Fans With Pillow Case

September 1st, 2014

Cleaning a ceiling fan with a pillow case is fast and easy and very little if any mess on the things under it.  Not sure where I heard of this tip but I LOVE it and it makes cleaning the fans not so bad.

Take a pillow case and put it over the blade of the fan.  Wipe the dust off using the pillow case and all the dust stays inside the pillow case and doesn’t fall off on the floor.  Once you are done doing all the blades just wash the pillow case and you are done.

pillow case cleans ceiling fan

pillow case cleans ceiling fan

I used to use a wet cloth and have to get up and down to clean the cloth and wipe a blade and then do the next one and then the next.  This way is SO much better.  You may have to use a paint brush or a cloth of the harder to reach places but this get the major dust off with little mess.

Happy cleaning 🙂

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