Pampers Reward Codes 10/31/2014

October 31st, 2014

Enter these TWO Pampers reward codes for a total of 60 points!!

These codes are also found on wipes and diaper packages and redeemed for items for you or baby at!

Enter the following code for 10 Points!! FBHALSP7DKNC014 exp 11/5/14

Enter the following code for 50 points!! TW44478754A1414 exp 11/1/14


Codes expire soon so HURRY!!

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Pampers reward code

October 14th, 2014

Enter the following Pampers reward code for ten points FBTHANC3DKNG014
Codes are found on wipes and diaper packages and redeemed for great items for you or baby. Check out for details.

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Cute Paint Shirts

October 1st, 2014

I want to start more hands on painting with the little girls I care for but wanted to keep their clothes clean.

I found cute colored t-shirts on sale at hobby lobby so only paid a couple dollars for each.

I used acrylic craft paint for the handprints and painted the hands them pressed down.

For the hearts I used t-shirt paint which goes on really easy and makes it easy to write letters.

They are almost to cute to get dirty but we needed something cute to paint in.

Enjoy the pics











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Pampers reward code -9/22/14

September 23rd, 2014

Enter the following pampers reward code for ten points. Fbcat989c09ea14

Codes are found on wipes and diaper packages and turned in towards gifts at



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Amazon Deal of the day – 9/5/14

September 5th, 2014

The West Wing: The Complete Series Collection for only 61.99 down from 299.00 that is a 79% savings!!  Grab it for that price only today.

My affil link is used in this and if you purchase it through the link a small portion goes back to help support Ally’s Hints! d

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Flower Handprint Dish Towels

September 4th, 2014

You know I can’t go very long before I have to update or do another handprint dish towel.  I had some black ones on my oven but felt the need to update mine and add some more color again. I found these cute ones at the Target dollar spot, which is a great place to find towels and decided to have my boys do them quick.  They are so practiced at doing them it took us less than 5 minutes starts to finish to paint them. Items needed: towel, foam brush, acrylic paint, t-shirt paint, cute hand handprint towel handprint towel handprint towel handprint towel handprint towel paint the hand first and then press firmly on the towel.  Make sure you have something under the towel in case it leaks through.  The paint comes off easily with mild soap and water. Take the t-shirt paint and write their name and the date if you choose.

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Bedtime Routine

September 3rd, 2014

What is your bedtime routine for your kids, does it work well or do you need help?  We have the same exact bedtime routine every night for our boys and it just changed slightly as they have gotten bigger over the years. We start getting ready for bed right at 7:00 every night unless it is a church night and then it is later.  They sleep until around 6:30-7:00 so they get about 11 hours of sleep on average.

If we are home before bedtime I set the timer so there is no question as to when it is time for bed.  I tell them “timer is set when it goes off it is bedtime” this stops arguments most nights on not wanting to go to bed. I also tell them that they need to make sure that all their animal friends, blankets or anything else they need for bedtime is in their bed and ready to go.  Once they are in bed they can’t get out unless they are sick or have to go to the bathroom.  Once the timer goes off we do this list of things. On bath nights we start around 6:30 getting baths so we can still get to bed at the same time.  No we don’t do baths every night and some nights it is just too late.  We are home during the day so if we have to we can grab a quick bath during the day.

– baths

– potty

– brush teeth

– jammies on (put dirty clothes in basket)

– read our devotion

– pray

– lights out & mouths off



Since my boys are older and can get themselves dressed they do that part by themselves and I supervise and make sure teeth are brushed properly.

On the nights we come straight home and it is past bedtime we will not read and just go straight to bed.  Once they are in bed I will stay in their room and rub on their arms for a few minutes and then quietly leave the room.  I have been blessed that they have always been able to put themselves to sleep.  I am one of those moms that I allow them to have a cup of water with them.  this saves them getting up and asking and my oldest is big on drinking through the night.  We don’t have accidents so I’m fine with that.


What works well for your bedtime routine?  Are you consistent in doing the same thing every night.  If you are consistent your kids will know what to expect and you will see a difference in their attitude and how well they go to bed.


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12 signs of a teething baby

September 1st, 2014

12 signs of a teething baby taken from “what to expect

12 Signs of Teething in Babies

1. Drooling. It’s hard to believe so much fluid can come from the mouths of tiny babes, but teething stimulates drooling, and the waterworks are on for many babies starting from about ten weeks to three or four months of age.

2. Chin or face rash. If your teething baby is pouring out prodigious amounts of drool, she may develop a dry skin rash or chapping around her mouth and on her chin (or even on her neck), because of contact with saliva. Patting away the drool will help prevent the rash; if it has already developed, moisturize it with a gentle skin cream.

3. Coughing. All that drool can make babies gag and cough (you’d choke too with a mouthful of spit). It’s no cause for concern, if your baby has no other signs of cold, flu, or allergies.

4. Biting. Pressure from teeth poking through under the gums causes baby a lot of discomfort — and that discomfort can be relieved by counterpressure, aka, biting. Teething babies will gum whatever they can find, from teething rings and rattles to your soon-to-be sore nipples (if you’re breastfeeding) and fingers.

5. Pain. The inflammation of tender gum tissue can cause what seems like terrible pain to some babies, but it hardly affects others. First teeth usually hurt the most (as do the molars, because they’re just plain bigger), although most babies eventually get used to what teething feels like and aren’t quite so bothered later on.

6. Irritability. Your baby’s mouth will ache as that little tooth presses on the gums and pokes up to the surface, and, not surprisingly, it’ll probably make her feel out of sorts. Some babies may be irritable for just a few hours, but others can stay crabby for days or even weeks.

7. Refusal to feed. Uncomfortable, cranky babies yearn to be soothed by something in their mouths — whether a bottle or the breast. But the suction of nursing may make a teething baby’s sore gums feel worse. For that reason, teething babies are fussy about feedings (and get more frustrated as neither their discomfort nor their hungry tummies find relief). Babies eating solid foods may also refuse to eat during teething (though check with your pediatrician if your baby shuns several feedings).

8. Diarrhea. Doctors are divided on the subject, but some parents swear that their teething babies have bouts of loose poops (perhaps from all that swallowed drool). It may or may not happen — but do make sure to always report any diarrhea to your baby’s doctor if it lasts more than two bowel movements.

9. Low-grade fever. Doctors are reluctant to definitively link teething to fever — in part because the first teeth pop in around the same time that babies lose the immunity they acquired from Mom, making them more susceptible to infections and bugs. But like inflammation anywhere else in the body, inflamed gums can sometimes produce low-grade fever (less than 101° F, measured rectally). Treat it like any other low-grade fever — with a call to the doctor if it lasts for three days.

10. Wakefulness. The teething fairy doesn’t only work days. As your baby’s teeth begin to emerge, her discomfort may disrupt her nighttime slumber (even if she previously slept through the night). Before offering comfort, see if she can settle herself back to sleep; if she’s still restless, soothe her with patting or lullabies but avoid a return to nighttime feedings (which will come back to haunt you when teething is done).

11. Gum hematoma. Teething can trigger bleeding under the gums, which looks like a bluish lump. It’s nothing to worry about and can heal faster (and feel better) with the help of a cold compress.

12. Ear pulling; cheek rubbing. Teething babies may tug furiously at their ear or rub their cheek or chin. The reason? Gums, ears, and cheeks share nerve pathways, and so an ache in the gums (especially from erupting molars) can travel elsewhere. (Babies with ear infections will also yank on their ears, so do check with your pediatrician if you suspect your baby may be bothered by more than just teething.)

What symptoms did your baby have? We will give some help ideas in a little bit so come back by!

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Clean Ceiling Fans With Pillow Case

September 1st, 2014

Cleaning a ceiling fan with a pillow case is fast and easy and very little if any mess on the things under it.  Not sure where I heard of this tip but I LOVE it and it makes cleaning the fans not so bad.

Take a pillow case and put it over the blade of the fan.  Wipe the dust off using the pillow case and all the dust stays inside the pillow case and doesn’t fall off on the floor.  Once you are done doing all the blades just wash the pillow case and you are done.

pillow case cleans ceiling fan

pillow case cleans ceiling fan

I used to use a wet cloth and have to get up and down to clean the cloth and wipe a blade and then do the next one and then the next.  This way is SO much better.  You may have to use a paint brush or a cloth of the harder to reach places but this get the major dust off with little mess.

Happy cleaning 🙂

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Pampers Reward Code 9/1/14

September 1st, 2014

Enter the following Pampers reward code for 10 points towards your account.  FBLA765DAY76014

Reward points are found on diaper and wipes packages and you enter them into a free account at  Once you get so many points you can redeem them for gifts for yourself or your little one.


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