Handprint Dish Towels – Wonderful Gift

December 8th, 2011

We make handprint dishtowels every year at Christmas.  They make a great gift for me and the grandparents and my boys really enjoy getting tickled by the paint on their hands.

I scope out the Target dollar section all year and I have been able to find cute dish towels there every year really cheap.  I found these cute blue ones with purple flowers several months ago and put them up for Christmas gifts.


I paint their hands with acrylic craft paint (washes off easily) and then press firmly on the towel and lift.  I found painting the hands turns out a lot better than dipping the hand in paint first.  It just tickles a little bit.

painting the hand


Press firmly on the hand

After I let the handprints dry I always write the date and their name on them with fabric paint.  There are so many colors to choose from. Make sure to let the fabric paint dry flat for several hours too because it will stay sticky for awhile.

I make one set for me for my oven every year.  This was lasts years set!

2010 towels

This is this years set for my oven!  They turned out so cute.

Finished towels!

You can add more than one handprint or if you have a little one, like I did last year, you can do a footprint instead.  Here is our bounty for this year.  Two sets of grandparents and an aunt will get these.  They have loved getting these every year and we have enjoyed making them.

Our towels 2011

Have you made anything lately with handprint and footprints?  What did you make?


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