Ally’s Helpful Hints Begins

July 31st, 2010

Well here it is a site to share ideas, tips, coupons and anything else I can think of to help my fellow mommies and for them to share ideas with me.  I am so excited to have a place where my friends can go to and we can help each other out.  I have a family blog already but didn’t want to disrupt the routine I have on there with diaper and coupon ideas.  So take a look around, let me know what you think of this idea.  What do you want help with?  There are bunches of help blogs out there and a bunch that I already follow.  I will share things I find but my main reason for doing one on my own is to have the personal contact and feedback from my friends, YOU!!  I want to help you my friends.

SO give me a shout out if you have found me.  I would LOVE to hear from my first readers out there and remember to come back and visit again.  I am in the building stages so make sure to come back for more helpful hints soon 🙂

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